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Luxury leather jewelry box wholesale

JewelPelle.com is Jewelry Box manufacturer and wholesale.

Over 100 different designs of our leather jewelry box, travel jewelry box, trinket box, jewelry chest, necklace box, jewlery boxes are made in Thailand. Our  jewelry boxes also includes ring box, earring box, necklace box but the main item is leather jewelry box. We also provided variety of material of our jewelry box such as silk jewelry box, imitation leather necklace box, crocodile genuine leather jewlery box, faux leather jewelry chest, and travel jewelry boxes. Every items of leather jewelry box that order with us offer free shipping cost and the largest.

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jewelry box
leather jewlery box from http://www.jewelpelle.com is luxury jewelry box
leather jewelry box
earring box made by leather and synthetic leather
jewlery box
JewelPelle.com is online store for luxury jewelry boxes items at reasonable prices with high quality of material and quality of service. JewelPelle.com offers variety collection of jewelry boxes products. Our items more than jewelry box. We also produce jewelry stands, watch box, earring stand, necklace display, jewelry box for men, leather watch box, watch boxes for men, travel jewelry cases, wedding jewelry box, ring box for bridal.
Another line of JewelPelle.com is leather jewelry. With focus on the harmony of color and shape. JewelPelle.com designs have often found inspiration in a natural expression of this category. In several leather jewelry collection such as stingray jewelry with texture surfaces and shimmering color enrich the interplay between color stingray and silver. The collection includes a large assortment of jewelry characterized by a variety of designs. The whole collection is made in sterling silver with stingray combined natural materials.
JewelPelle leather jewelry jewelry box watch box jewelry stands

Necklace box, jewlery box, trinket box

ring box from jewelpelle is leather ring box
ring box
jewelry chest made by cow leather in crocodile patent
jewelry chest
leather necklace box made by ostrich patent cow leather
necklace box

Some collections of JewelPelle.com Jewelry Boxes are as following.

Each of these collections of JewelPelle.com jewelry boxes offer different functions, material that meet different desirable. For example, crocodile jewelry box is look luxury. Silk necklace box is simple but look nic. Ostrich jewelry boxes is gorgeous. Travel jewelry box and jewelry travel jewelry case are comfortable and cute.